Southwest Ride 2019 - Day 2

The ride into Victor was through light rain and cool temperatures. Quite the contrast from the past couple of days. I arrived at the Hotel to find no one there to open the door. Fortunately, a nice couple of from Canada were also waiting and after only about 10 minutes, someone showed up to unlock the door, let us in and serve us drinks. Ok, I can dig this. Everywhere I looked, the past was looking right back at me. Supposeably, this Hotel is haunted by spirits of the dead that fell during the Winter time. The ground is frozen at 11,000 feet, so they stored the bodies on the fourth floor until late spring when they could finally dig graves. Well, after a few beers, the owner finally showed up, gave me my keys to a room on the fourth floor and off I went up the old style bird house elevator a young boy is said to haunt. Apparently he fell down the elevator shafter and died and mistakenly thinking it was on the floor he was on. If you are interested, there is more information about the haunted Victor hotel on the internet.

The Victor Hotel in Victor, Colorado. A ghostly, but active gold mining town.

A view from my room at night. The room was comfortable and had 19th century character. Really neat compared to corporate chains. However, the thought of spirits watching me kept me awake for a while. I had a very strange feeling of not being alone, of being observed, but not in a scary way, just the feeling. I did not hear or see anything so who knows.

After a somewhat restless night, I crept out of the Hotel early in the morning and took a quick tour of the town.

It is always nice to see my bike in the morning.

Less the pavement, Main street is a step back to the late 19th century.

Abandoned Mine
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